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About Us

History of the School
The land around Broomhouse was used for farming for hundreds of years. In the 17th century farms in the area cultivated broom as a crop for use as fuel and as an underlay for thatch for the cottage roofs. The agricultural use of the area continued until the years after the Second World War. A growing population and a new Education Act required the city to provide new housing for its population and bigger and better school for its children.
Broomhouse primary was sited in various buildings, including the old St Joseph's on Calder Road. Eventually a new building was opened on Saughton Road in November 1957. The school stayed in this building until November 2002 when a new Broomhouse Primary was opened by the then Lord Provost, Eric Milligan.

The new build brought together Broomhouse and St Joseph's Primary Schools to share the one building each with its own identity and facilities. In August 2011 Broomhouse and St Joseph's opened the shared lower avenue. This avenue consists of both schools' primaries one and two. It is an excellent example of two schools sharing space with each other.

Broomhouse Primary also has close links with Forrester Secondary School and three other primaries in the local area - Carrick Knowe, Gylemuir and Murrayburn.
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School Uniform
The wearing of school uniform by all our pupils is encouraged. As modelled by Broomie Bear in the picture.

Our uniform consists of:
Blue sweatshirt with the school badge
Blue or white polo shirt
Grey or black skirt/trousers
Blue fleece
Blue hooded top
Alternatively children can opt to wear a white shirt with Broomhouse tie of navy with stripes. Back to top
School Aims

At Broomhouse Primary School, in partnership with pupils, parents, the wider community and other agencies we aim:

To inspire learning by providing broad and balanced learning experiences which will ensure that all pupils realise their potential through the promotion and recognition of achievement and excellence. To promote and deliver high quality learning experiences that encompass all children and focus on equality, inclusion, diversity and support.

To develop a range of life skills, attitudes and values which will enable children to prosper in a modern, multicultural society and encourage creativity, ambition and achievement.

Through effective organisation and management of all resources available to the school, ensure that all pupils can experience a calm, positive and safe learning environment that promotes good behaviour, self-discipline and respect for others and the highest quality learning and teaching experiences that are reflective and challenging.

To prepare our young people to develop openness to new thinking and ideas enabling them to become active and responsible citizens by encouraging values which are compatible with living in a democratic and multicultural society - 'One Scotland, many Cultures' (Scottish Executive)

To equip and support a culture of life-long learning within the wider school community and develop the skills required to be pro-active and successful in the 21st century.

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Parents and Broomhouse Primary School
We are always pleased to see parents in the school. Parents are very welcome to come into school to work with pupils and teachers. Some parents help with art, reading, computing and library. Others prefer to come along and help with class outings. If you can spare even half an hour a week please tell your child's class teacher, the school administrator or one of the promoted staff.
Please note under Care Commission Regulations, all regular volunteers must be Disclosure Scotland checked. Occasional helpers must complete a volunteer form.
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Parent Council
The Parent Council consists of 9 elected parents (each representing a particular year group from nursery to primary 7),  2 co-opted members and representation from the teaching staff. Details of council meetings can be seen on the school notice board in the front entrance hall or in the monthly school newsletter. These are public meetings to which all are welcome observers.
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Whinpark Support Service

The Support Service is currently unavailable. The service is designed to help pupils from each of he cluster schools as well as St Joseph's to stay included in school life. A highly qualified teacher works closely with small groups to boost their self esteem and self confidence.

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Breakfast Club
Breakfast is served in the School Dining Hall between 8 and 8:40 am. It is open to ALL children. Cereal, toast and a drink are on offer. There is no charge for this service.
Breakfast Club is also open to the children of St Joseph's and is an opportunity for the children to meet together and have a chat over breakfast.
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